Starting to Write Again

Island County Sheriff's Department

My father and I just had the pleasure of meeting Deputy Robert Davison.
We have heard plenty of people complain about local Law Enforcement, but not surprisingly, most of those are people who are or were criminals in some fashion.
We have always felt that each person must always be assessed as an individual.
We found that he was an excellent Officer and clearly knows how to assess and treat people fairly.
This happened in regards to another event not involving us, but we also talked with him.
He quickly saw our situation, asked if either of us was a veteran and gave us some helpful advice.
So I can definitely say that people need to stop complaining.
Stop committing crimes.
Blame the right people for whatever wrong happens.
Praise the right people for whatever good happens.
It's pretty simple.
+1 for Deputy Rob Davison.

Happy Veteran's Day!

First, a positive and happy tale.

My father is a patriotic veteran. He was involved in two very notable events while he served.
While he was studying in his theology class, the classmate who sat next to him was the man who first burnt his draft card.
My father was a patriot and he served in the Air Force in the states during the Vietnam War. He did not refuse to do his duty as an American citizen, but chose to serve. He ended up working in the medical field as a Medical Technologist (someone who works in the hospital laboratory conducting tests) and worked to treat soldiers returning from the War.

Later, he was transferred to Florida. He continued in the same work and served on the medical team that dealt with the remains of the three astronauts who were burned alive in the pure oxygen test capsule.

Afterwards, he served in the Air National Guard at Paine Field in Washington State in supply.

When he left the National Guard, he worked in a private clinical laboratory in Everett, Washington that tested patients who came in for tests or test samples from hospitals.

His work as a veteran was extremely important, but what he chose to do as a civilian saved many lives.

If you have never been to the Pacific Northwest, you will find fantastically beautiful mountains and evergreen forests of pine and fir plus avalanches of color from the deciduous trees in the fall.
You will also find endlessly cloudy, foggy, drizzly wet and soggy weather. It is depressing. All of us were really fed up with the weather.
My father began to search for another job in the medical field. This was long before the internet, so he subscribed to newspapers in several states, including the Albuquerque Times. In that paper, he found a job opening for a Medicare/Medicaid Surveyor in Lubbock, Texas. This is part of a team that checks whether hospitals, doctor offices and labs meet the requirements of Medicare/Medicaid in order to be paid. This is a Federal program that is offered to states to do if they wish to.

The Texas Health Department was quite surprised to get a job applicant from so far away since the job opening was not put into papers far from Texas. With his extensive experience, he was quickly hired.

Now, this is definitely not an easy job. He had to learn a mountain of old requirements just to understand the new requirements. He had to travel all of West Texas, which all by itself is larger than many states.
Of course, not all of the doctors and hospital staff and administrators wanted to cooperate. That required learning an entirely new way of communicating and controlling the situations. Luckily, the Federal Government offered excellent training classes, but experience in the field and learning the new cultures of Texas was also a challenge too.

With time and more experience, he was promoted to team leader. Under his guidance, his team became the best team in the entire country.

This work saved many lives and helped who knows how many patients from having unnecessary complications with their medical procedures.
Some examples:
One hospital administrator was essentially actively killing patients who had long-term in hospital stays that brought in little profit. A few dead patients, some more profit, and she was one very happy administrator! Evil.
One rural hospital wanted to know if they could add a wall in the surgical wing and do animal surgeries also. Umm. Yeah, that's hard to believe. Obviously no.
One tiny rural mom and pop hospital actually managed to fail every single requirement on the long list. This was so unbelievable that his supervisor just could not believe it and went to redo the survey herself. The hospital closed on it's own a little later. Thankfully.
One hospital was a constant problem year in and year out. The Federal Government asked my father what could they do to solve this problem. Simple answer, he told them to cut off their money. For six months, this hospital was required to treat all Medicare and Medicaid patients without getting paid a cent. A few million dollars later, there were no more problems.
At one rural hospital, he asked where were the patient records. Umm, they are at Betty's house. Excellent quality control.

Fixing all of these types of problems saved many lives and countless bad outcomes. In my opinion, this really was heroic work. His work in the Air Force could have been done by another. At this job, he was absolutely outstanding and was not replaceable. If you had medical treatment in West Texas while he was working, you may very well be alive and healthy from his excellent, behind the scenes, efforts.

Who am I? A crazier and wilder adventure.
I'll get to the ugly tale shortly and reluctantly.

Almost all of my relatives are/were very smart in their own different ways.
Some of them did not come out just quite right in the head. Sometimes good genes come right along side with bad ones.
Luckily, I came out just right! Well, maybe. I like to call it the crazy man's paradox. John looks at Tim and says "Tim, you are crazy!" Tim looks back at John and says "No I'm not. You are crazy!" Well, exactly which one is right? Neither? Both? Who could possibly be sure?
OK, some people don't really like that paradox. If you get it, you are possibly pretty disturbed by it. It you get it as a thought experiment, it's still disturbing but in a different way.
Well, I turned out to be the really smart kid growing up outside of a really small town in Washington. That's really tough. You get picked on a lot, really. Enough with the word really! I discovered both that I like reading and that I'm competitive. In first grade, there was a girl that had been taught to start reading in kindergarten. I didn't like that at all! We got little gold star stickers for every book we read. I just had to get more stars than her or else! I think I beat her on the books, but I can't remember.
From there on to right before going to high school, everyone knows about getting picked on. Happens to everyone.
My dad decided that in no way was I going to high school in that little town. So he did the work and I got admitted to Seattle Preparatory School. A private, catholic high school that was popular, really good, and also expensive. I had to do work/study several days a week. I only found out a few years ago, but it was actually way too expensive. My dad told me that the father of one of my friends was a lawyer with connections and he got me a scholarship. It was halfway through when my dad got the job in Lubbock, Texas. The high school was really great. I found out that I really like Chemistry and Math. I had an English teacher who read a really obscene little passage out of Shakespeare every year. I was the only one in class who got it and I was rolling on the floor laughing. She was thrilled to see someone get it.
Truthfully, I really didn't like Lubbock at all. Extremely racist. You could almost draw a perfect little map of white, black and Mexican-American. Each group had it's own school. So I set my sights on the University of Texas at Austin. Lots of studying. Lots of partying. I also managed to get mononucleosis. Dropped all but one class. Should have dropped all classes. Next year, clueless how, I got Hepatitis B. Same stupid keep one class. Then the next year after that, I discovered that there are TWO kinds of mononucleosis. Physics major -> Chemistry major -> Biochemistry major. I failed to graduate, lacking just two classes. My fault. Too much beer and I was giving weed a try. No more money. No degree. I tried to find a job with almost having a degree, but even with a degree the pay was rock bottom. Then I found it! A job with great pay and benefits. I had all of the qualifications. Perfect. It was working in the state CSI crime lab. Fortunately, I did not get hired. About two years later, it turned out they were falsifying evidence. What a great job history that would have given me.
Yes, Sir. I worked in a crime lab falsifying evidence.

Skipping a few years ahead, I found myself quitting a job I hated, going to work for a job my friend said was available. Until I actually quit my job, of course. So no job.
My landlord said she was going to sell the house I was renting, so I had to move out. So no house.
But I had always wanted to travel. I had ended up with a motorcycle, so off I went, camping and taking 100% all back roads throughout all I could of the western US and Canada. Six wonderful months. Incredible sights and places. I am skipping over what was a life changing experience that was truly a privilege to have. I'll get around to writing about that in more detail another time.

Later on, I ended up working in construction. I'm pretty talented at it. I got really tired of pushing a broom and carrying materials. So I decided to save up all the money I could and buy all the equipment (this was new residential cornice) and give a go at trying to be a subcontractor, say in April or May. Well, along comes December. Shortly before, when things slow down for the holidays and the superintendents leave, my boss, from Mexico, says he is going to Mexico for Christmas and will be back in about 6 weeks or more.
Crap. Crap. Crap. I have $450 wages, a compressor, nail bags and a saw. Getting a new job at Christmas? Impossible!
So, I decided, what the heck. I'll ask the contractor he works for to give me a house to do the cornice on myself.
He thinks for a while, realizes that no one will even be around to see it if I screw up, so I get the house. The people I hired naturally don't show up and laugh at me over the phone for being so stupid to think they would actually work for me. Panic. I manage to get two guys to help me out, and from then on things go forward. Eventually I end up being a contractor directly for a few companies.
They just wouldn't pay on time. I go into the office on a Friday. They say, no they didn't send the check, but next Friday for sure!
Six guys working with me don't believe me and the best ones quit. This keeps happening. I give up.

Skipping forward a bit, I end up working for some churches and the Red Cross helping poor people repair their homes after flooding a year earlier. So begins remodeling. I never quit that until just after I started having severe seizures.

A few years traveling to Guatemala and Mexico trying to help me dad find a cheaper place to live. No luck. A cultural disagreement in a small border town in Texas. Basically, you get out or we will kill you at the medical clinic. I left and ended up in Washington State.

Many more details about all of these adventures that I will write about in more detail soon, but that's a quick summary of my life. Cliff Notes on Chris Bennett.

Now I will have to tell the ugly story of some of what happened and is now happening here in Washington.

If you read some of what is on the site Whidbey United For All!, you can get some of the details. Yes the characters described in the email(s) [...] are me and my father Edward Bennett. I just don't consider it appropriate to bring a deeply personal and highly opinionated and biased story over there. So it's going to be here.

Feel free to voice your opinions here. But please understand that Whidbey United For All! is really intended to try and help all of the people being trampled upon and psychologically beaten up by both the Haven, under the Homeless Coalition and a vast set of other problems on Whidbey Island which really hurt every resident at all levels of income and social groups.

Please understand, that talking about all of the ongoing situation for my dad and I is really tough for me to talk about.
Words are a bit "easy" to write. But the emotions I have to call up dealing with even thinking about what is being done to so many of us, is hard to handle. I really do not understand what drives people to do acts of evil and heartlessness and claim that their work is pure and uplifting. Below, a bit out of order chronologically, are the things that have been happening to not just myself and my father, but to so many others also.

The Homeless Coalition and it's program called The Haven.
Speaking Words of Power that thunder down from high above onto the backs and hearts of those below!

Please look below these emails for the story that led both me and my father to this situatuon.

I want to include right here the emails I sent to the Homeless Coalition unedited, except removal of my phone number and a private email address that I have.
I will add all of the details from before in my life when getting to this state.
For now, we have been left outside on benches where water is freezing onto our belongings.
We still cannot get any response on what ridiculous offense they have invented to shove two decent human beings out the door, into possible danger from both criminals and hypothermia for 30 days plus now. Supposedly we are required to go to a reconcilition meeting, but I really cannot see this volunteer or the organization apologizing to us and recompensing us for the vast (for us) quantities of money that we lost.

From Fri Nov 9 10:42:59 2018
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2018 10:42:59 -0800
From: Whidbey United For All
Subject: Request for asisstance due to personnel/volunteer conflict at Haven


My name is Chris Bennett and my father's name is Edward Bennett.
We were staying at the Haven, myself longer before his arrival.
Our plan was to have a place to stay while we looked for permanent housing,
which always takes time. All seemed well and we were considering several
different cities to possibly move to in the area.

While we were staying at the Haven, we both noticed some important safety
problems and suggested fixes which were carried out. The staff however, was
very reluctant to even speak of such problems and angered at any suggestions.

There was a volunteer driver who had been consistently causing problems for
all of the clients and everyone was very upset about the problems which really
only required a small amount of flexibility from the volunteer. He insisted on
loading more luggage into the van, which often had the luggage area completely
full and insisted on delaying trips unnecessarily despite the fact that no
additional trips would be needed and the clients would be able to travel more
comfortably and without any damage to their belongings. I just want to be clear
that everyone had a problem with this situation and complaints to the staff were
simply ignored. Everyone essentially gave up on getting the problem fixed.

Finally, everyone just had enough. All the van volunteer needed to do that day was
to simply drive. No extra trips were necessary. We could not get any help from the
staff despite repeated complaints. As a small group, we just decided that the van
driver simply needed to start behaving properly and we, as a group, decided to insist
on waiting for the next trip. This absolutely infuriated the driver, who finally just
refused to drive and stormed away. This behaviour is not appropriate from someone
who has chosen of their own free will to help others with their problems in life.

Although a small group decided this, this was the last night my father and I were
permitted and we, not anyone else in the group, were banned for 30 days.

When we quietly inquired at Grace by the Sea church why we were banned, they refused
to tell us.
Grace by the Sea, for some reason unknown to us, called the police, who arrived.
There were two Oak Harbor police officers and what appeared to be a plains clothes
detective. By this time, we were already off of the property making a reservation for
a motel room in Anacortes. Clearly this was to charge us with trespassing, which is
quite silly for two gentlemen calmly inquiring as to what offense we had committed.
To this day, we have not been informed what offense we have committed.
My father has sleep apnea and needed his CPAP machine. He was told that he could pick
it up at Grace by the Sea the next day. Naturally, assuming that Grace by the Sea, not
the Haven, wanted him to enter the property and be charged with trespassing.
He refused to enter the property, which is the correct action to avoid problems.
This infuriated Kayla, who had been very nice before seeing his caution. He was then
able to retrieve his CPAP machine.

All of this took us utterly by surprise. Both the ridiculous punishment only for us and
the complete lack of punishment for anyone else.

We can only take this as not a punishment for any real offense, but rather a personal
attack against us. Our guess is that the staff was angry at being assisted with real
and important problems and perhaps the volunteer was angry at not being able to treat
all of us as actual genuine and responsible adults who have simply found themselves in
difficult to solve problems.

We were terribly stressed by this and due to a lack of resources here in Washington,
we had to return to Austin, Texas and sell the rest of our treasury silver eagle coin
bullion. This was our last, in case of true emergency, source of funding.

The stress of all of this brought back my father's atrial fibrillation, which required
a new medication and cardioversion, which is shocking the heart to return it to normal
sinus rhythm. Luckily, this was successful and he did not die during the procedure.
I however, had to return here for medical reasons. It has turned out that I have avascular
necrosis on my right hip. It must be replaced.
However, just last week I had to go to the ER twice, for what is most likely a bad interaction
between two medications, one of which I had not taken before and can cause severe neurological
problems. He had to immediately fly up here from Texas.
I am most likely recovering, but there is no certainty that this diagnosis is correct.

Due to all of these problems with health and unexpected expenses, we are now out of money and
tonight is the last night we can pay for a motel room. We are asking for some help with a place
to stay. Honestly, due to our awful experience at the Haven, we do not want to stay there. We
only need temporary help until my father receives his pension check on the 28th of this month.

I do not know if the information provided by the staff at the Haven is correct or not, but they
have said that the Homeless Coalition is not being fully informed about events and problems at
the Haven.
Long before all of this, when all of the controversy began by the Planning Commissioner started
saying that the homeless should just stay out in the woods, I purchased the domain name below.
I have worked on it and revised it's contents for some while. I hope the information is helpful.
I want to stress, that by adding the :8086 the contents are absolutely not visible to the public.
Thank you for your time,
Chris Bennett

Please note that :8086 has now been removed the website's address. Please ignore it, thanks.

From Sun Nov 11 03:16:43 2018
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2018 03:16:43 -0800
From: Whidbey United For All
Subject: Sad and disappointing for lack of response.
Well, we did not really expect a response.
It is a bit more clear why there is a lack of
support from the Inter-faith council.
The bible warns against churches of false faith
which appear genuine.

It would have been more respectful to have read
the entire site.
It is extraordinary the lack of even a negative
phone call or an email, which is a bit impersonal.

Well, I have now made the site fully public.

Virtue and morality are values that we regard with
high esteem. Please consider seeking these, it makes
life more valuable and enjoyable.

Best regards,
Chris and Edward Bennett

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